MKM 2001 - Program

Monday, September 24
    8:30- 9:00   registration

    9:00- 9:15   Bruno Buchberger      Introduction to
                  (address of welcome) Mathematical Knowledge Management

    9:15-10:00   William M. Farmer     A Formal Framework for
                  (invited talk)       Managing Mathematics

   10:00-10:30   break

   10:30-11:00   Till Mossakowski      Heterogeneous Logics for
                                       Mathematical Knowledge

   11:00-11:30   Michael Kohlhase      Using Logic Morphisms for
                                       Language Independence in
                                       Mathematical Knowledge Bases

   11:30-12:00   Jim Caldwell, Stuart  Interactive Digital Libraries
                 Allen, Bob Costable   of Formalized Algorithmic

   12:00-12:30   Christoph             Designing Mathematical
                 Schwarzweller         Libraries Based on Minimal
                                       Requirements for Theorems

   12:30-14:00   lunch

   14:00-14:30   Piotr Rudnicki,       Mathematical Knowledge
                 Andrzej Trybulec      Management in Mizar

   14:30-15:00   Adam Grabowski        Robbins Algebras vs. Boolean

   15:00-15:30   Andrea Asperti        Mathematical Knowledge
                                       Management in HELM

   15:30-16:00   break

   16:00-16:30   Peter Baumgartner     Automated Deduction Techniques
                                       for the Management of
                                       Personalized Documents

   16:30-17:00   Christoph Benzmueller Using a Blackboard Architecture
                                       for Assertion Application in
                                       Proof Planning

   17:00-17:30   Manasi Athale,        Exchange of Mathematical
                 Rahul Athale          Information on the Web: Present
                                       and Future

Tuesday, September 25
    9:00- 9:45   Gerhard O. Michler    A Prototype of a Linked,
                  (invited talk)       Searchable Digital Mathematical Library

    9:45-10:15   break

   10:15-10:45   Therese Hardin        Mathematical Knowledge
                                       Management in Foc

   10:45-11:15   Carlo Traverso        Managing Concrete Knowledge in
                                       Commutative Algebra

   11:15-11:45   Bruno Buchberger      Mathematical Knowledge
                                       Management Using Theorema

   11:45-12:15   Koji Nakagawa         Two Tools for Mathematical Knowledge
                                       Management in Theorema

   12:15-13:45   lunch

   13:45-14:15   Ludovic Meunier,      Automatically Generated
                 Bruno Salvy           Encyclopedia of Special Functions

   14:15-14:45   Andrew Adams          Using Real Number Theorem
                                       Proving to Support Maths Table

   14:45-15:15   Paul Cairns,          On Dynamically Presenting a
                 Jeremy Gow            Topology Course

   15:15-15:45   break

   15:45-16:15   Jonathan Borwein,     The Work of the CEIC
                 Martin Grötschel

   16:15-16:45   Wolfram Sperber,      Mathematical Knowledge
                 Roland Schwaernzl     Management and Math-Net:
                                       Semantics, Visualization and
                                       Internationalization of Math-Net

   16:45-17:15   Terry Stanway         Changing Needs and Expectations
                                       in Mathematical Knowledge
                                       Management: from GHH and
                                       Littlewood to XML and Maple

   20:00         workshop dinner

Wednesday, September 26
Joint Program with the OpenMath Workshop
    9:00- 9:45   Stephen Watt          Extending the Semantics of MathML
                  (invited talk)

    9:45-10:15   break

   10:15-10:45   Martijn Oostdijk,     Certified and Portable
                 Olga Caprotti,        Mathematical Documents from
                 Herman Geuvers        Formal Contexts

   10:45-11:15   James H. Davenport    Mathematical Knowledge

   11:15-11:45   William Arthur Naylor Meta Style Sheets for the
                                       Conversion of Mathematical
                                       Documents into other Forms

   11:45-12:15   Mike Dewar,           Mathematical Software:
                 D. Carlisle           the Next Generation?

   12:15-13:45   lunch

   13:45-14:00   G. Stork              European Funding Possibilities

   14:00-14:45   Daniel Lozier         The NIST Digital Library of
                  (invited talk)       Mathematical Functions Project

   14:45-15:15   Bruce Miller          Technical Aspects of the Digital
                                       Library of Mathematical Functions:
                                       Dreams and Realities

   15:15-15:45   break

   15:45-16:15   Giovanna Albano, G.   Modelling for Understanding of
                 Gargiulo, S. Salerno  Scientific Knowledge

   16:15-16:45   Francky Trichet       Contribution of the Ontology
                                       Engineering to Mathematical
                                       Knowledge Management

   17:15-18:00   panel discussion

Thursday/Friday, September 27/28
OpenMath Workshop

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