60 years of

Bruno Buchberger
Symposium in Honor of
Bruno Buchberger's 60th Birthday

Logic, Mathematics and Computer Science: Interactions
October 20-22, 2002
RISC-Linz, Castle of Hagenberg, Austria


Research Institute for Symbolic Computation

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A Shot in Hagenberg

Formatting Instruction for the Final Version

Deadline: Oct. 7th

Formatting instruction (Sample file in the same time): [PDF], [PS].
Sample LaTeX source (including the class file etc.): [zip], [tar.gz].

  • Page numbers should be deleted!
  • The final version should be send as a PDF format file.
    For some tips to create PDF files, please see the formating instruction. If you can not create PDF file, we accept also PS file. (In this case, if possible please send also the LaTeX source + all relevant files which are necessay to produce PS file so that we can create the PDF file immeditately.)
  • Please try to make the style similar to the sample (formatting instruction).
    The width and height of the text, header titles of odd and even pages etc.
Please send the final version by e-mail till Oct. 7th. The mail format should be:
Subject: LMCS 2002 Final Version
To: lmcs2002@risc.uni-linz.ac.at
Title: ..................
Authors: ...................
If you have some questions, please send e-mails to
To: nakagawa@risc.uni-linz.ac.at
with the subject
Subject: LMCS 2002 formatting question

Paper Preparation Guidelines

  • The paper should be at most 15 pages.
  • We strongly encourage that the papers are prepared using the Academic Press LaTeX Class File "academic.cls", which can be obtained from http://www.academicpress.com/www/journal/TeX-uk/LaTeXFP.htm
  • The introduction must state the following 6 points informally but clearly:
    1. Problem : What problem is tackled in the paper.
    2. Scope : How the problem is related to Buchberger's work or interest.
    3. Motivation : Where the problem arises, etc.
    4. Difficulty : Why the problem cannot be solved trivially.
    5. Solution : What your solution is.
    6. Originality: Which part of your work is original.
    These criteria will be used by the referees while evaluating the paper.

Submission Guidelines

  • The paper must be submitted as an email attachment to


    by Aug 22, 2002.

  • The paper must be in either "postscript" or "PDF" format.
  • The email subject should be "LMCS Submission"
  • The email body should include
    • Author 1 : First name Middle initial Last name (in that order)
    • Author 2 : .....
    • Title of paper :
    • Keywords:
    • Contact author's:
      - name
      - email address
      - telephone number
      - fax number
      - postal address

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