"33 Years of Gröbner Bases"

RISC-Linz (Austria),   February 2 - 4, 1998

Conference Fee

   Fees are given in Austrian schillings (ATS). Exchange rate on Nov. 9:
   1 USD = 12 ATS.

         only tutorial lectures, Feb. 2 ........... ATS 1800.-
         only research presentations, Feb 3-4 ..... ATS 3200.-
         full program, Feb 2-4 .................... ATS 4000.-

   The conference fee includes the shuttle service between the hotel and
   Schloss Hagenberg, the proceedings of the conference, coffee and tea 
   during the breaks, and lunches. 

   Student registration (not including the proceedings) is available at
   half the price.

   The conference banquet will be held in the evening of Feb. 3. Tickets
   for the banquet are available at ATS 500.-.

   Payment should be made in Austrian schillings to
              Raiffeisenbank Hagenberg-Pregarten
              BLZ (bank code): 34151 
              Account number: 620 000 25320
              Specify: "33 YoGB" and name of participant

   Please note that bank fees must be paid by the participant.

   You may also empower the conference treasurer to charge your credit 
   card for the appropriate amount indicating the required credit card
   data in your registration form.