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This course is basically an introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems. The general theme of the course is methods of search. The expert system shell CLIPS is introduced not only to give an example of an expert system shell, but also as a programming medium (for the exercises) for illustrating the search methods introduced in traditional AI textbooks (i.e. A, A*, Decision Trees, AND/OR graphs). Depending on time, the numeric search techniques will also be introduced, Gradient, Monte-Carlo and Genetic Algorithms.

In addition to CLIPS, the software system PRODIGY is introduced as a medium for looking at planning problems, OTTER will be used to illustrate resolution and GALIB will be used to illustrate genetic algorithms.

The course gives emphasizes practical exercises within the concepts introduced. The software systems are used to enable the calculation of non-trivial examples and to see, by example, the complexity the problems can take.

Course Outline and Course Materials

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