Software Engineering Training Project SS 2001
Management of Examination Results

Wolfgang Schreiner

March 27, 2001

The goal of this project is the development of a system for managing in a database the results of student examinations. This system shall be able to support the following actions:

For security, all accesses to the system must be password-authenticated and all new/modified exam results must be logged in a history.

The system shall be implemented in pure Java as a "3-tier architecture" of client, server, and database:

  1. The client runs on the user machine. It provides a graphical user interface via which all interactions with the system are handled.
  2. The server runs on a dedicated machine and communicates with the clients via RMI (Remote Method Invocation); it coordinates the interactions of all clients with the database.
  3. The database runs on a dedicated machine and stores all persistent data (examination results, passwords, modification history); it communicates with the server via the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) protocol.

The project shall be performed according to usual software engineering standards yielding requirement analysis, specification, design, implementation, tests, user and implementation documentation. It shall make use of adequate tools (e.g. rcs for version control of code and documents, netbeans for building the user interface, javadoc for constructing the implementation description).

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